Nothing’s Ever Lost 2nd Edition


This is a grave situation!

YA Contemporary Fantasy. Paperback

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If you think the dead have nothing left to lose, you’re wrong.

When a trip to the beach plunges wildly off course, Jack and Anna find themselves on an adventure through the afterlife. It’s not the summer beach trip they’d hoped for, but there is a lot of sand. And at least they have each other…for now.

Still, nothing in the afterlife is quite what it seems. Danger lurks behind every art installation, telephone booth, and smiling face. If they just stick together they might be okay, but the secret Anna is carrying could blow their friendship apart-unless she makes an impossible choice.

Filled with characters you’d want to be friends with (if they weren’t already dead) this unconventional adventure will lead you laughing through the afterlife.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 346
Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy


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