Near-Life Experience


Eric discovers he can see the souls of the recently departed, and Death is not pleased.

Contemporary Fantasy. Paperback.

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In Near-Life Experience, Eric discovers he can see the souls of the recently departed. And Death is not pleased.

Eric just wants to do his job as an EMT. He’s mostly recovered from the freak accident that put him in the hospital. There’s just one thing still bothering him—the ghosts.

At least, he thinks they’re ghosts. They only seem to show up when one of his patients is close to death. In Eric’s case, “close to Death” is more than a figure of speech.

The Reaper is not thrilled about Eric’s newfound abilities. Humans aren’t even supposed to see the souls of the nearly departed. They’re certainly not supposed to talk to them.

Where did Eric get this inhuman power? Most importantly, can Death put a stop to it before bureaucracy gets involved? If they don’t solve the mystery quickly Eric might not be the only one who has to pay a price.

Format: Paperback

Pages: 314

Genre: Modern Fantasy


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