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We are currently on hiatus and the podcast is CLOSED to submissions.
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Explore the expanding universe of indie books. Find your next read or learn the ins and outs of indie publishing with Emma G. Rose and Shelley Shearer.

Emma G. Rose is the owner of Imperative Press Books, a publishing house that amplifies niche voices. She is also the author of contemporary fantasy and works of mythological weirdness, including Nothing’s Ever Lost, Near-Life Experience, Assembling Ella, and On the Bank of Oblivion.

Shelley Shearer is a writer of cozy mysteries and urban fantasy. Look for her first novel, Menace at Meeple Manor, soon. It’s the first in the Board Game Cafe Mysteries series. In the meantime, read her work in the Black Market Anthology.

What we talk about:

  • Insight from indie authors
  • Indie book reviews
  • Guidance for publishing indie
  • The latest publishing news
  • NEW – On air critiques

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Recent Episodes

  • Friends, readers, writers and listening fans, we have an important announcement for you. Please listen!
  • Emma gushes about the new middle-grade book from Tim Cummings. Alice the Cat is an urban fantasy story in the tradition of Neil Gaiman, Tim Burton, and Caroline Thompson. Find out why this book is worth a read no matter what age you are. Website: Twitter: @CummingstimeInstagram: @octosparkFacebook: @maximumcummingsTikTok: @timcummingswrites
  • You’ve probably seen them in your social media feed, hilarious comics revealing the inner thoughts of cats, dogs, and other animals by comic artist Jimmy Craig. We talk to Craig about his process for deciding which of his They Can Talk comics made it into the book and why making a “gift book” just makes […]
  • Genalea Barker is the first to admit that she’s a hot mess, but that hasn’t stopped her from signing contracts with two indie presses for three novels in 18 months. Writing across genres in the stolen moments between family obligations, Genalea calls her work “a sad song in a minor key.” She talks about her […]
  • Alex Kenna studied both art and law before deciding to write her first novel. So, it should surprise no one that her first novel, What Meets the Eye, is a thriller centered around a work of art. She talks to us about her publisher, Crooked Lane, and how she’s dealing with some unexpected publishing challenges […]

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