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Explore the expanding universe of indie books. Find your next read or learn the ins and outs of indie publishing with Emma G. Rose and Shelley Shearer.

Emma G. Rose is the owner of Imperative Press Books, a publishing house that amplifies niche voices. She is also the author of contemporary fantasy and works of mythological weirdness, including Nothing’s Ever Lost, Near-Life Experience, and *soon* Assembling Ella (July 2021).

Shelley Shearer is a writer of cozy mysteries and urban fantasy. Look for her first novel, Menace at Meeple Manor, soon. It’s the first in the Board Game Cafe Mysteries series. In the meantime, read her work in the Black Market Anthology.

What we talk about:

  • Insight from indie authors
  • Indie book reviews
  • Guidance for publishing indie
  • The latest publishing news
  • NEW – On air critiques

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Recent Episodes

  • It might surprise you that even though Michelle Shores has a background in sales and marketing, she published her book The Gathering Room: A Tale of Nelly Butler without a marketing plan. But her natural tendency to talk to people and make connections has helped her sell 1,000 books in just 4 months. See how […]
  • It started with a challenge from Marie Vibbert’s twin sister. “I’ll give you a gift for every 100 rejections you get.” Today Marie has placed 88 short stories with magazines like Fantasy and Science Fiction, Analog and Clarkesworld. She talks about how she does it, plus gives us a quick intro to worldbuilding using the […]
  • Working in marketing for a big-5 publisher, Nicholas Poe learned a thing or two about Google Ads and other book marketing strategies. He’s carried some of that over into marketing for his own book, Selection Day, published by the small indie De Novo Press. Learn from his experience on this episode of Indie Book Talk. […]
  • L.A. Cunningham never meant to be an author. Not really. It all just happened. A blog let to a class which led to a Twitter connection which…well, we’ll let her tell it. She talks to us about Babies with Rabies, why she might die in a freak book-slide, and how she takes pantsing to a […]
  • Most sci-fi authors live in the future, but Gideon Marcus spends most of his time in the past. For Gideon, the year is 1968 the Vietnam war is still underway, and Star Trek is in it’s second season on television. From that historical vantagepoint, he’s helping modern readers rediscover underrepresented science fiction classics and newer […]

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