Nothing’s Ever Lost – 2nd Edition


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Nothing’s Ever Lost is a YA Fantasy novel about two teenagers trying to hold their friendship together while they journey through the afterlife. For adventurous readers age 14 and up.

Jack Pratt and Anna Poplin have been looking forward to this beach trip all summer. It’s their last chance for some real fun before senior year starts. Too bad they never make it to the ocean. The car accident that cuts their vacation short sends them on a whole new adventure.

Now they’re on a quest through an afterlife full of disappearing buildings, dire warnings, and trees that try to trap them. Somehow everything will be okay if they can just make it to the city. At least, that’s what everyone keeps telling them.

With nothing to rely on except each other, their friendship is the only thing standing between them and an eternity of loneliness. Normally, BFF’s tell each other everything, but the secret Anna is keeping could blow their friendship apart. How far will she go to keep from losing her best friend?

2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781733907958
Contemporary Fantasy
Young Adult Fantasy


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